“WOW! Glenda Dugar’s book trilogy is an exceptional read!  Reading about her life lessons while achieving her ambitions has motivated me to Dream Big! Glenda Dugar is the epitome and example of strong womanhood. After reading her books and meeting her, she has become a friend and mentor.  As a fellow paratrooper myself, {I being a newer generation jump school trained after 2000}, I personally know what it takes to complete Military Airborne school which consists of 3 weeks of intense training, ending with jumping with full military back packs and gear from airplanes.  Her training was in the 70’s which at that time was rare for women in the military to achieve.  What she shares with you in her books about her exceptional 20 year military career while actively being a mother will inspire anyone to seek and find their full potential.  In life there comes a time when all you have to do in that moment is “Jump”.    La Tanya Gamblin


“It was an extreme pleasure to work with you.  Congratulations on your writing endeavors and thank you for always coming in with a smile. “Best of Luck!  I’m looking forward to seeing your latest piece.  Shannon Flynn creative writer

“From the intensely honest, “In My Own Words”, to the steamy “Confessions Of An Airborne Soldier”, author Glenda Dugar fascinates readers with her classic novelist approach.  Glenda Dugar has that magic touch that keeps readers turning page after page.  I’ve enjoyed every one of Glenda’s novels so far, and I’m patiently awaiting to read her next writing adventure.”-Charles E. Brown